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In Dynatrace we have an option like "open in IDE" but when I click on that button .For me its showing "no connected IDE has been found".How to connect to IDE..


Can anyone tell us the procedure please



You need to install a plugin for your IDE, you can find them on the Fastpack and Plugin downlaod page. For example here is the eclipse plugin.

thanks patrick..

One quick question...Is there any mandatory to give permissions for the users for the every folder of agent.After Installation

I'm not quite sure what you mean. The user running the application process needs permission on the agent folter to load the agent and write the logs.

Sorry my question is ,,after installing the agent into the application servers..In order to read the log files we need to give access to those folders na means we need to give permissions to those users ..who are ready to see those log files and all.
so mandatory to give access right?
got my question Patrick?

You can open the agent logs directly from the system information dashboard in the client, no need to five permissions to any users.

Thanks Patrick..
another doubt for me ..

I have installed agent in my we are going to get one agent folder.there we could see agent logs,config files my question is To whom we need to give access to those agent folders..Is it mandatory to give access/full control to those folders. Because application team is not allowing me to give access to specific user like me(dyantrace user).

and they are asking me
2) From where you want to access the folder to write logs ?
Please tell me

You are using OneAgent, so Dynatrace SaaS/Managed? I assumed you are using AppMon, as you posted in the AppMon&UEM forum.

The OneAgent should set the correct permission during installation, the folder must be read/writable by dtuser.

Thank you Patrick..

As Im facing Disk storage issue, I want to move dynatrace server from one drive to another?How?