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In the Incidents Dashboard Power Users cannot see Status Messages that have been previously entered into Confirmed Incidents


In the Incidents Dashboard on previously confirmed incidents, Power Users cannot see any of the Status Messages that were entered in the previously confirmed Incidents. The Power Users have

the PowerUser Dynatrace Server Management Role, access to the System Profile with their application with the PowerUser role. They can see the column but it is blank. Can they be set to see these messages but only have access to make changes in their applications System Profile?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ron, I tried but couldn't reproduce your issue. The messages are showing for users with default PowerUser role.

Would you be able to tell me which permissions are set for your PowerUser Role? Go to Server Settings > Users > Roles > Select the Power User role > Bottom pane Edit > Allowed permissions on the right > Ctrl+F and search for "incident".

I have "Analyze Incidents", "Change Incident Configuration" and "Manage Incidents".


I have the same rights for power users.

According to Development this is their response

I spoke with development on this issue. The health history is based on the "Host Availability" incident. We had an issue previously where the client would run out of memory due to a large number of incidents. As a resolution to this issue, we now limit the number of incidents from the dynatrace server to the dynatrace client to 500 incidents