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Incident Description



The incidents that are created do not provide a very clear message description. Is there any way we can add a custom description for an incident so that the support the our support team can understand what exactly is the incident description. For eg: I have created a URL monitor and an incident associated with it. When the incident is triggered the URL info. is no where mentioned in the alert. So it would be good if we can provide some custom description so that the incident has all the details and no back tracking is required





Hi Anurag,

The Extended Mail Action Plugin provides a way to customize incident notification. For example, if you setup URL monitor with name "Testing-host-name-port-XXXX" and an incident which will check if "host-name-port-XXXX" host on the port XXXX is reachable, then the Extended Mail Action Plugin will provide you with 139 predefined variables which you can use anywhere in the subject, or body of the e-mail, e.g. in your case the following predefined variables could be useful for customizing e-mail:

  • ${MONITOR_NAME_1} will give you monitor name, i.e. "Testing-host-name-port-XXXX"
  • ${MESSAGE} will provide message of the incident
  • ${RULE_DESCRIPTION} this field is taken from the Incident Description field. So if you put there details of the incident, this text will be available for you in the body or subject of the notification e-mail.
  • ${VIOLATED_MEASURE_NAME} and ${VIOLATED_MEASURE_DESCRIPTION} will give you details about violated measure and its description. 
  • ${VIOLATION_HEADER_1} and ${VIOLATION_MESSAGE_1} will provide you with a standard generated message.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Are these predefined variables available to all action plugins?