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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Incident Rule Behavior


Hi all, I am looking to better understand some incident rule behavior. I am aware on how incidents are created but have some questions I need some help answering:

1. Can an incident be configured for custom business transactions?

2. If a threshold is not set, does this mean that no incidents are raised?

3. Can incidents be raised off baseline violations as well?

4. The email that is generated offers some information. Can it be customized to add more detail?

Thanks for the help!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader
  1. Yes, the business transaction must be set to store results in the PW (which is done by default) but if you search for the business transactions within the measures you'll see the results tied to it and can set thresholds and use them in incidents like any other measure.
  2. If a threshold is not set it will not raise any incidents. It will warn you at the time of creation of the incident if no threshold is set and I think stop you from saving, but if you remove the threshold later the incident will still be active but never fire.
  3. If business transactions are added to the application overview which is when it knows to start creating baselines for the throughput, response time, and failure rate then there are a few out of the box incidents in each profile that will trigger when baselines are violated (failure rate too high, response time degraded, response time degraded for slow requests). You can modify those detection settings by modifying the violation detection settings in the business transaction configuration screen.
  4. You can use the extended email action plugin to customize the alert emails that are sent. I don't believe there is much control over the standard email action: