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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Incident chart for HTTP 5xx error on transaction


Hi All,

I have created an error dashboard as shown in attachment error-dashboard.jpg and now I need create an Incident chart only for HTTP 5xx error on transaction with threshold 4 count as warning and 8 count as severe. Please tell me which measure I can choose so that I can complete this challenge.

Thanks in advance and let me know if you need any information.





Hi Balakrishna,

please follow the steps shown below (assuming you're running on 6.2):

- From your System Profile click on Incidents and click on "Create Incident Rule"

- Click on "Add":

- Click on "Create measure":

- Then search for HTTP (in the measure list) (1), select HTTP Response Status Code (2), then enter your custom measure name (3) choose starts from the Value list (4) and enter 5 in the text field. After that choose your thresholds (in your case 4 as Warning and 8 as Severe). Once you've done click on Add (8) and Close

- In the following screen, enter the name of the Incident rule and then choose your thresholds to be applied as shown below:

- Once you've done with that, click Create and you'll have your own Incident Rule created 🙂

Note this is just one way of doing it, you could also create two different Incident Rules, one for the warning threshold and one for the severe one..So it's up to you. This is just a hint 😉

If you need help for creating Incident Chart based on this Incident Rule don't hesitate to ask.

Hope it helps.

Ciao, Raffaele

Thanks Raffaele, its working as I expected.