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Incident disabling



I want to disable few incidents. Users do not want a few incidents active , this is not for any time frame to create a downtime. So I simply right click on Incident and said active. I thought that is how I can disable incident and no one can receive an email. But users are still getting emails for this. How can I stop this?




Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

Hi Rajanikanth,

What you described does sound correct, as long as there is not a check mark next to "active" the incident will be disabled and not trigger/send emails. However if it is an host alert those will have to be disabled from Settings -> Dynatrace Server -> Infrastructure.

Also a shortcut for this is to click on the incident and press the space bar, it will turn grey which means it is not active (be sure to hit apply)!

Hope this helps,


Hi Brendan,

The incidents are already grey because I performed clicked on active for all the list of incidents I wanted disabled. But even after this users are receiving email alerts for grayed out incidents.


Can you post the contents of one of the emails sent since de-activating the incident (or just the full details from an occurrence in the incidents dashlet), in addition to the incident grayed out in the settings? I've never seen that before, and it would be a bug if that is what is occuring.

Hi James,

I am including the list of incidents that are disabled and email what users are receiving. Please take a look.

DYNT-0003 DTE Insight -Application Process
Unavailable (unexpected) Incidents, Application Process Unavailable

Incident ended: Application Process Unavailable (unexpected)
Connection to a previously connected Application Process/Agent
has been lost and agent has not been able to disconnect..


Duration: 2017-04-10 10:42:09 - 2017-04-13 10:45:01 [3d
2min 52s]
Agents: VF_Services_Group@dca-pro1046
Hosts: dca-pro1046
System Profile: Insight
Dynatrace Server: Prod dca-pro1092


Agent 'VF_Services_Group@dca-pro1046'
connection lost



Do you think if I unchecked the Email notification(Send notification upon IncidentRule Violation) will it stop triggering?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This is one of the 'core' out of the box incidents so I'm wondering if disabling it has no effect, I can't test that at the moment. But yes, you can remove the email actions that are set for this incident. There's no checkbox though (the only box is for smart alerting) so you'll need to remove the email action completely. Check the basic and advanced action configurations to make sure both are gone.

For now I unchecked this email notification and I hope it will not send any emails now. But I shouldn't get any email notifications if once the incident is grayed out right?


In addition to the basic configuration you're looking at on the upper right there's an "advanced configuration" and if you click that you can see if there are any other actions that may be sending out emails. For instance you can have three emails being sent out to different groups for one incident and will only see these extra ones if you go to advanced configuration.

Yes James I checked if there is anything in advanced configuration too but it is left empty now.