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Incident splitting by agent host


So I have configured an incident against a host group, but it only reports on the first of two hosts that violate the rule. I want to know which host in the group is violating the rule. For example, if one host violates I want an email sent with the host name identified and if both servers violate I want either both names in the SAME email OR two emails, one for each host that violated the rule.

How do I do this?

Thanks for any help!



Hello Don,

I guess Generic Execution Plugin can fulfill your requirement.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Don,

Another good fit for your problem is the Extended Email Action plugin:

It allows you to pull a lot of data into custom body of email alert, including the full list of violated hosts. Moreover, you can use this action to filter the email notifications, so, for example, even if your alert applies to more entities, you can use agent names and host names to filter out when the alerts get sent. It also has a pretty good documentation about it.

Best regards,



Thanks for the replies! I am actually using the GEP (it's needed for what I'm ultimately doing), but it will only list one of the two servers when the action is called. I'm trying to take action based on which of the two servers in the host group is having the issue, but when BOTH are triggered at the same time it lists only the first one detected, which is readily apparent in the log. There has got to be a work around - I guess I could set up a rule for each server, since there are only two in my case, but imagine if there were 20 more - that would be a pain!