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Infrastructure view - Duplicated entries


I have the following situation in my infrastructure view:

Basically I have green .NET processes and greyed out ones apparently referring to the same thing. This brings me to believe I have duplicates.

Can anybody explain why, please?

Thanks a lot!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I have this behavior as well - as instrumented processes end and new ones start up it will appear to Dynatrace as a new instrumented process rather than the same one coming back online and so the old one will remain for an amount of time as an offline JVM/process (the gray color) while the new one appears as online. In short it is how Dynatrace views agents in applications where processes are commonly killed and new ones are spawned. As long as the license is stopped being associated with the old process before the new ones come online it is not an issue.


So as I have a restart of the monitored application almost every day I will always see duplicates in that list. Thanks for your reply.

A little more information: at least in the case of our application - it is interpreted as a new process because it comes with a new PID. Perhaps this is the case for you as well.


I am quite sure what you're saying applies here as well. The point is, a process comes with a name as well. When the names match, we should keep only one. I posted this thread on the Product Ideas forum. Thanks again.