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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Injecting agent into "child process" of application [Stibo STEP]?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


While attempting to do a quick agent install on an application that was having issues we ran into a problem in that we would put the agent options into the java arguments that initially start up the application however the agent would connect for only a few minutes and then drop out. Some investigation into the processes suggests that this initial process just starts up other processes in which the application is truly run and these processes are missing the agent. We worked to try and find any location we could inject the agent so that these child processes would have the agent but with no luck. Even if we can't get this agent installed for this on the fly instrumentation we would probably need to know how to set this up in the future.

Does anyone have any experience with this Stibo STEP application or possibly encountered a similar issue with another?






If you're feeling lucky you could try setting a JAVA_OPTS environment variable and see if the child process picks it up.

You can use Process Explorer to look at the environment variables in the child process, which may give you a hint for other variables to try.

-- Graeme

Cool, the first option is something we can try once we have a little more flexibility. It was sort of an "emergency" situation where we were trying to quickly instrument and (almost) prod environment. Some folks more familiar with the app were following your second recommendation but had no luck in getting the right location.



You can also look at the running process tree (ps -ef | grep java) post agent disconnect. There should be some other java options (like Xmx, Xms) that are set inside the child process. You can use this to search the applications directory to determine where this is set.

Thank you, I think that is similar to t he process we were following but I'll check. This app seems to have some quirky characteristics so it is proving difficult.



Hi all,

Have an answer if they found the file where to put the dynatrace argument in Stibo Step?