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Install the AppMon Server



I try to install the AppMon Server ( ).

But, i'm a problem to get the license ( ).

it returns this message:

dynaTrace Trial Administration Utilisateurs

Opération non autorisée

Vous n'avez pas l'autorisation d'effectuer cette opération.

Common causes for this error are (but are not limited to):

Compuware APM recently implemented a new authentication system. Your browser may be caching your old login information. Please try either:

Log out of the Community and log back in again.

Log out of the Community, close all browser sessions, open a fresh browser window, clear cache and cookies and log back in again.

You are currently logged in as an AJAX Edition user, but tried to access areas of the APM Community only available to Compuware APM customers, partners or employees (like the documentation or downloads section)

You tried to edit a page that you are not allowed to edit

Your user account was just created and the initial provisioning process is not yet finished

If this is a persistent error and you are convinced that your action should be possible for your user, please contact our support team at and state your user as well as the URL of the page (or the action you tried to perform) that caused this error. Thanks!

It's normal, i don't know why this message?

Thank you for your return.

Bertil J.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The AppMon product is EOL in March 2021 and therefore I suggest you consider evaluating our current flagship product Dynatrace. You can evaluate Dynatrace by going to

If you have a legitimate need for downloading and installing AppMon, please explain.

Thank you for your return.

I have effectively a legitimate need for downloading and installing AppMon.

In fact, we use AppMon since 2018 with just one server for our web application.

In few days, we must update our infrastructure with many server.

I must realize quickly many AppMon installing.

Tt's my context of downloading and installing AppMon.

Could you explain the difficult to gotting the AppMon licenses?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You only need one AppMon server. You can use System Profiles or Agent Groups to organize your agents. We license agents, not servers, so if you have enough agents already licensed, you are set. If not, work with sales to purchase the licenses you require. Also, consider converting to our new product instead of investing your valuable time and money in a dying product.

Thank you for your return.

I try to explore System profiles or Agent Groups.

We're Neoload App in our infrastructure with the AppMon server attached only to one web server for our web application.

It's possible to stay in our infrastructure with the new Dynatrace?

And also with many web server (Load balancing) for our web application, it's always possible to stay with only one AppMon server?

The adding of System profiles or Agent Groups will make the Job?

And please, it's possible to obtain a documentation for this?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes, Dynatrace can be used as a SaaS solution or Managed. Managed is our OnPremise version.

One AppMon Server can manage 1000's of monitored processes. The usage of Profiles, Applications and Agent Groups helps organize the information.

Documentation on AppMon is available online