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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Installing Latest Update during Upgrade Mandatory for migrating DB succesfull


Hi All,

I have upgraded my acceptance environment last month from 6.3 to 7.0

I have upgraded to 7.0 then I connected to performance warehouse.

Migration was succesful.

Is it mandatory to use the latest update before connecting DB so DB migration also will take place.

While connecting I found "There are some performance Warehouse migration Pending" Statement...Attached screenshot here.

Note:Migration was successful here.I confirmed it with support using log files also.

INFO [DefaultFlywayCallback] [PWH SCHEMA UPDATE] starting general

INFO [DefaultFlywayCallback] [PWH SCHEMA UPDATE] finished general
Migration successfull

INFO [FlywayRepositorySchema] [PWH SCHEMA UPDATE] successfully
created/updated performance warehouse schem

COuld any of you tell how important it is to do update also during the time of upgrade itself.

Thank you in adavnce


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Karthik,

if you do not install the latest update before connecting to the Performance Warehouse, you can run into one of the (currently) 35 issues with the PWH during the upgrade, see eg:

In your place I would not upgrade without the latest update.

Why would you not want to update?

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

I am having difficulty in understanding the update process.

Following the above link.

But did not try for ACCEPTANCE environment.

Not confident enough to try the new thing in PROD directly as I am doing it down time of PRD servers. The update link is dealing something about agents version mismatch and all.

My agent actual version is 6.1 .

Can you please guide me with the update steps .

What can be done for 6.1 agents .

Agents got upgraded automatically yo 7.0 in ACC environment.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M

Hi Karthik,

An update is not the same as an upgrade, please follow the steps mentioned here, which cover all the relevant cases:

We also offer professional services to assist you with an upgrade task, you can get more information from your sales contact.

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

I understand that upgrade and update both are not same.

My question is can I do update(7.0.12) one day later after my upgrade (to 7.0) is successful.

Because I have never tried update when I was doing upgrades in previous 6.1 to 6.3 and all. Did not face any issues by skipping the updates.

Thanks for the concern in answering my doubts.

Several critical issues were fixed in the public updates, especially regarding the Performance Warehouse, so I would not recommend to connect the PWH with 7.0.0, but immediately apply the update after installation and before connecting to the PWH.

In this case the experience from 6.1 and 6.3 can not be applied, because different issues were fixed in the 7.0 public updates than in 6.1 or 6.3 public updates.

Also, in those versions it was not possible to first install the update and then connect to the PWH - so this is an advantage that now PWH code can be fixed before the PWH migration starts.

Strongly recommend to install the update immediately after installation - this is done by most customers and very well tested.

We are even considering only providing installers that already have the latest public update.



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the guidance.

I have tried installing the update in ACC . I could see my updated version is now.

I will definitely try during my prod upgrade .

Looks like it is not doing anything for the 6.1 agents as the bootstrap version is not 7.0 .(note: anyways my agents will be down during upgrade process as doing it on down time window)

So I can do update on prod before connecting the PWH.