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Instrumentation Disabled because not all Transformation were completed successfully


Hi Community,

i am facing an issues which states that instrumentation disabled because not all transformation were completed successfully.

the agent was reporting up till yesterday and we have encountered this issue on a running agent when it started reporting Connected (Issue: Instrumentation is not available.) and on further drill down we got Instrumentation Disabled because not all Transformation were completed successfully.

Attaching the Screenshot of the issues. Community Please help

Log File Cropped

2018-05-25 00:17:10 [00000600] warning [native] Profiler::ModuleLoadStarted(): Cannot process assembly c:\windows\\assembly\gac_64\mscorlib\v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089\mscorlib.dll.

2018-05-25 00:17:10 [00000600] warning [native] Failed to transform assembly - stopping instrumentation

Need help asap @Andreas Grabner @Babar Qayyum @Himanshu M and all

Thanks in Advance




Hi Rishab,

I think this is because of the network latency. Distance between agents and collector might be long in your case. Please go through this below post



thanks for the answer but i already checked in for the same with the Network team looking after the host but they told me that there is no network latency issues.

can you suggest me ways i can check it on my own for the sake of verifying it.

Are there any other possible fixes for this issue these are the things i have checked with the Team.

*Firewall between the Collector and the Agent

*Network Latency

is there anything else I need to recheck for analyzing this issue.




Hello @Rishabh Y.

If the firewalls not involve in between agents and collectors (A firewall introduces latency in the calls between the Agent and Collector. This is often the reason for slow application start-up. The Agent needs to do several 10,000 round trips to the Collector at application start up. Even 1 ms firewall latency adds up to a noticeable time. Therefore, either use a real fast (in latency time) firewall or put the Collector into the same subnet as the Agents) then also make sure the health of Collectors.

One more thing need to remember that the plugins can affect the Collector's performance in unexpected ways and they do need memory. In addition, many Plugins are not officially supported by AppMon. To avoid any problems, you should never deploy Plugins on a Collector that serves Agents.

Review the below link for collector best practices and the sizing.

For the time being you can restart the processes/agents one by one to reinstrument once again.

Add the below two columns in the Agents Overview dashboard and see the time. The average time should not be more than 100 ms.

  • Average Instrumentation Response Time (ms)
  • Maximum Instrumentation Response Time (ms)



Hi @Babar Q.

i raised this issue to the Support team and they are saying that i need to upgrade my Appmon from 7.0.6 to 7.0.9 or Higher. How is upgrading relevant to the Issue of instrumentation and if that's the case what is the appropriate way of performing the Upgrade.

Attaching the Snapshots

Community can we have some resolution for this issue.



Hello @Rishabh Y.

Honestly I am not sure the exact reason behind this but might be there is a bug in the version 7.0.6, therefore, you asked for the update.

Follow the below link to update from 7.0.6 to 7.0.9 or Higher.



thanks @Babar Q. for the answer.


This has currently happened in two of our 6.5.X environments without any significant changes. Still troubleshooting but its definately not network or firewall related...

Try updating your AppMon from the older 6.5.X to 7.0.9 or higher as this is an bug fixed in the update.





The Answer to this issue is that you need to update your agent to 7.0.9 or Higher as we were currently on 7.0.6.

We were affected by a known issue with .NET 4.7.1 or KB4096417, which is fixed with AppMon 7.0.9 and later release - search for JLT-199813 on <>.

For detail on "How to" installing update your AppMon environment refer