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Instrumentation disabled since the agent could not connect during startup


Hello All,

After some planned restarts of applications servers and Dynatrace servers (there is no dynatrace related activity)

suddenly all agents instrumentation disabled when servers tried to connecting to dynatrace server after restart.

1.Please suggest what went wrong

2.How to fix it

3.Applications servers restart is not all possible as of now as per the project.

Raised a support ticket.

please reply asap.Thanks in advance.


Karthikayini M


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I most commonly see this when server patching is done and groups of both dynatrace infrastructure (dtServer, dtCollector(s)) are taken offline alongside application servers. When the application servers are brought online and they cannot communicate with the collector, they will not be instrumented. It is critical that Dynatrace Infrastructure be patched on it's own time when the hosts that connect to it will not be offline.

To solve your more immediate issue with the agents that are not instrumented, you will have to make sure that the dtServer and dtCollector that those agents talk to are online and then to recycle the JVMs so that the agents can be instrumented.

Hi @Shane K.

Please tell me what is mean by recycling JVM.

Restarting the application servers completely?

Any way partially restart to get agent instrumentaion,

As all are production sevrs there is no way to restart any.


Karthikayini M

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The application will need to be shutdown and restarted. Agent instrumentation can only happen when the application starts up. There is no other way to do instrumentation.