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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Instrumenting a Cordova App using the plugin: how does it work?


Hi all,

we are trying to instrument a Cordova-based up using Cordova plugin, as suggested by the documentation.

We tried several times, but we can't make the plugin work, has anyone managed to perform such implementation?

We used the following Dynatrace.config:


<platform name="android">
<platform name="ios">


Is such configuration correct? I'm not sure about DTXAgentStartupPath and JSAGENT urls.

Using the above configuration we are not able to see any action on DT, but I have another doubt: does the plugin perform any sort of auto-instrumentation of mobile and page actions or do I have to perform a manual instrumentation of actions and webviews? In other word, is it possible that the plugin is working but on DT I can't see anything because I have to manually add some code to the app (register webviews, manually create actions, etc..)?

Any help would be appreciated!





Came here searching for more information on the same plugin. The documentation doesn't make it clear where to find the required properties for most of the options you have to set.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Mauro,

I would recommended you to have a look on the below documentation for better understanding.



Hello Babar,

the documentation you linked was my starting point for the instrumentation, the problem is that is not clear which properties to use and if a manual instrumentation is still needed or not. At least I'd like to see some data reported to Dynatrace AppMon, at the moment I can't see anything.