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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Intermittent exception of connection from agent to collector



I have found the following exception in our DT 6.3.10 intermittently:

2016-10-26 06:03:29 [0000046c] warning [native] Instrumentation channel disconnected: server did not reply to ping request
2016-10-26 06:03:34 [00000524] warning [native] Exception occurred while sending events: sendExactOnce(), 730053, Software caused connection abort

2016-10-26 06:03:39 [000004b4] severe [native] Exception in controller: receiveExact() ... not connected, 730053, Software caused connection abort. Retrying every 10 seconds.

2016-10-26 06:03:45 [0000046c] info [native] Instrumentation channel connected successfully

The log was from agent (Java agent in our case) and it will popups intermittently (once a day or every 2 days). This connection was broken for some seconds (usually around 30 seconds) and it will reconnect to the collector. There is nothing wrong with the collector at that time as only 1 or 2 agent have this problem at that time period. All other Java and web service agents are working fine. May I know what would be the possible cause beside network issue?



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

This could be a problem related to your network. Seems like the agent is just loosing the connection to the Collector for a while. I've seen this before where networks were either overloaded, routers got rebootet or where there was something else going on in the network that caused issues with the connectivity between our components