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Internal URLs listed as Third Party Content and External Service Call


We have some applications whose transaction flows show a branch off to "Third Party Content" which is actually an internal URL to a server we have an Agent in IIS on. This also exists for internal URLs that are called but are listed as External Service Calls. Is this a setup error on my behalf? Am I missing transactional data when it calls to that URL associated with that purepath? I am guessing we track this since we have IIS instrumented on the Servers but it probably shows up as a separate purepath.

In this case for the Third Party Content, the URL is actually on the Server the lower Web request goes to. The external service call is a URL on one of the other IIS servers we have instrumented that is also part of this purepath.



Hey Jared,

That internal URL IIS agent, is it mapped to this System Profile? If it's in another SP, I'd expect it to display this way.


They are all in the same system profile. Different tiers of agents but all within the same profile.

Hmm, that is strange. I'd consider opening a support case