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Is It possible to monitor Delphi Apps ?


Hi folks,

A prospect customer needs to monitor a delphi app.

Is it possible to do with DTAM/EUM?




if it is done with delphi .net yes (i think 🙂 )

🙂 - youre right - everything on .net is supported by our .net agent.

if it is "native delphi" then the only chance you have is to use our Native Agent Development Kit:



So, It is not compatible with Delphi 5, is it???

If Delphi 5 is not managed but native then we dont support it out of the box. But what you could do is using our Native ADK. It requires some code changes but you can instrument your own app and then get purepath. we just had a great performance clinic session from one of our partners showing how to instrument native apps with our adk:

For those that are looking for options to monitor Delphi apps, we have fully working OneAgent SDK for native Delphi apps 🙂


Any pointers on this? I have a bare bones Delphi app. I have created the interface as per the github documentation. I then created a  NOOP Implementation, this is where I'm a bit stuck. The documentation isn't very clear on what parts of the interface I need to actually implement and which parts the one agent takes over. 


I looked at the Java implementation and in that case they have an object that they are expecting to be filled in by the one-agent and delegate all calls to that. But the  C# implementation just seems to be a Dummy Implementation.


I'm going to keep digging, but any pointers would be immensely helpful.


Also what did you do about the fact that "end" is a keyword in Delphi, were you able to work around that or did it cause you any trouble?