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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is anyone aware of an AppMon plugin that simply lets you 'run a script' as an action for an Incident?


Our company has an in-house built pearl script that is used to automatically format alerts or incidents from monitoring applications (like Gomez, Nagios, some others) to easily create tickets in our ticketing system. It has worked really slick in the past for other apps I've used. You call the script and then pass in parameters such as severity, affected hostname, support group, etc. Unfortnately I've already tried the built in SNMP plugin in dynatrace to accomplish this, with very limited results.

I'm wondering if anyone else has found a plugin for DynaTrace that has the capabilities I've mentioned above? A plugin that calls a script on a linux filesystem and allows you to pass parameters from the failed dynatrace component? In searching the web I've found and I'm attempting to work with it, but has anyone found anything else?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I think the generic execution plugin would be able to do what you describe and it is pretty versatile. We have used it for a lot of stuff including opening up tickets. It allows you to run any command or script.


Thanks for the response, I poked around with this some more, and it seems to do exactly what I need it to!