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Is it feasible to get all IP Addresses of the User Action Names which are dissatisfied?

Hello, I have a requirement for to analyse Bank Branch Level performance analysis. Which will involve getting list of all IP addresses whose user action is dissatisfied

How do you create such BT that gives IP addresses (and even User action names) in the splitting?

Regards, -Rajesh.



Hello Rajesh,

I tried in a demo requirements with the below configuration, so you can also try if it works for you but wondering about the measure explosion.

  1. Created a custom measure of User Actions - Apdex Performance Zone and kept splitting any
  2. Created a business transaction and used the User Actions - Apdex Performance Zone as filter with aggregation last
  3. Same custom measure used in the splitting along with Web Requests - Client IP
  4. Opened the business transaction in the new dashboard and then enabled the dashlet specific filter in the business transaction and selected the 'tolerating' and 'frustrated' as selected splittings.



Hi Babar,

Yay, I did the same and got what I wanted.

I have unchecked Store in PHW.

Thanks Babar.