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Is it possible to associate host metrics with an application filter?


I'm trying to create dashboards that will give us a broad view of an application by choosing it from the dashboard filter. In AppMon client, I can edit the dashboard to pick a specific application.

However, while most metrics are directly associated with the application filter (ie: purepath response time), others are bound to the host/servername where the application is running.

Below is an example:

I can chart the PurePath Response Time, but the JVM Used Memory disappears because of the application filtered applied to the dashboard. I understand these are different types of metrics, collected at different levels, but my team needs a overview of the entire health of all aspects for each application.

I can work around this by enabling different filters for each dashlet and pick the correct host for each chart, but that seems impractical at large scale. My team is monitoring over 70 applications covered by aprox. 200 hosts. Creating specific dashboards for each one seems like a nightmare.

I wish to find a way to correlate the application filter with the hostnames where they are running.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Julio,

One solution to be able to filter all hosts related to that application would be to create host groups or labels, that matches those applications and (manually) assing the hosts related to them on the Server Settings - Infrastructure.

Later, at a 2nd stage you can filter by them at the chart level.

Let me know,

That works around it, but still not ideal. In the web access to dynatrace, I have no option to filter dashboards via host groups or labels. Application is the only broad filter I can pick.

I guess the association between hosts and their applications is not directly possible.