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Is it possible to combine two dashboards from two different AppMon Servers?


Hi Team,

We have two AppMon servers based on the Geography Region. We have two dashboards collecting same kind of info from those two servers.

Let's say we have Number of Orders by Country wise for Australia in one server and same info dashboard for India in another server.

Is it possible two combine these two dashboards into one view and share with viewers, Instead of opening two dashboards separately from two servers.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Chetan,

I believe you can. Well, sort of. You can't really combine the two dashboards but what you could is grab the dashlets from each dashboard and put them together into one dashboard.

After that, you can apply dashlet specific filters to pick out the different servers. You can do this by right-clicking on a dashlet and going to 'Dashlet Properties'. Once there, go to the 'Source' tab. Check the 'Enable Dashlet specifc Data Source' checkbox and then you should be able to pick a Server and System Profile to display the data for. This will only apply to the specific dashlet and not the entire dashboard.

Let me know if this works for you.



Thanks Ari,

It worked. Is it possible to schedule report from this dashboard for two different time ranges.

Assuming we need two reports to share with clients daily basis from the same dashboard one report for 24 hrs view and another report with 7 days view format reports instead of saving the same dashboard with 7 days view and then scheduling it.



I'm not sure that would be possible. I think you can only assign one schedule per report. You could potentially make two copies of the same dashboard and then have different schedules for the two. Would that be a viable alternative?

It's not allowing to schedule report for the dashboard with multiple sources since the local server will run the schedule for report. And even for the dashboard of single source, seems like we can create multiple schedules to run like every two hours to send the report and every 6 hours once, but we can't schedule dynamic time range reports.



Ah bummer, that makes sense. Sorry there isn't a better way then.