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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is it possible to create a Web Dashboard to display the same information the that Rich Client Test Overview displays?


I would like to run some automated tests as part of our CI/CD pipeline. These tests are based on Jmeter and LoadRunner utilizing the webAPI tests with the Dynatrace REST apis. I would like to have this information displayed publicly using a web dashboard to give the tests results more visibility to the rest of the company. I am able to see the metrics using the built in Test Results and Test Overview dashlets but I have not found a way to display this same data in a web based dashboard.

We are using AppMon 7.1.7

Is this possible?




Hi George,

Seems there is a possibility in displaying the same content on the Web Dashboards as like on Rich client, for that you need to create the measures and Business transactions first on client and later you can use the same to display on the Web Dashboards. You can share the Dashboards too.

The measure you have created on the client will be fall under the below category.

Also follow this link which will help you in creating the custom dashboards.

Sharing web dashboards:




Thanks for the info Ravi. I was hoping there was an easier way then trying to rewrite a Dashlet that already exists in the rich client. I was also trying to not modify the tests but passing some additional parameters with my web requests might make splitting the transactions up.