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Is it possible to disable the dynaTrace exit on specific Execution Groups within Message Broker?


I have installed the MB agent and configured the exits against the Broker.  This works however we have some 8 execution groups but only licensed for 6.  There are two that we don't need to monitor and would like to disable however it looks like the exit applies to the whole Broker/all Exec. Groups when running the mqsichangebroker <brokername> -e <agentname> command.  I don't see an option within that command to specify a specific execution group.


The problem is that we have two environments that we need to monitor these six processes on and no way to always control the order of their startup (first come, first to get a license), and even then it will complain about the additional ones connecting.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Michael

I double checked with engineering. It seems you can deactivate the "User Exits" per command line utility on execution group level. The agent would then still be loaded for every execution group - but - it would be deactivated and therefore not consume any licenses and not collect any data for that execution group

Hope this helps


Well I did find the commands for it, i think.  However it still ends up connecting & eating up a license.

Report the exits configured:

/home/mqsiadm/scripts_mb.cmgr>mqsireportflowuserexits MBQA
BIP8859I: User Exits active for broker 'MBQA': dtwsmbagent.

Set the active exit list to none:

mqsichangeflowuserexits MBQA -e nova -f SAPtoNOVA -a ""
mqsichangeflowuserexits MBQA -e westpac -f SAPtoWestpac_MF -a ""

Set the inactive exit list to the DT exit:

mqsichangeflowuserexits MBQA -e westpac -f SAPtoWestpac_MF -i dtwsmbagent
mqsichangeflowuserexits MBQA -e nova -f SAPtoNOVA -i dtwsmbagent

Restarted Broker in between both of these.

Hi Michael

I have to appologize as what I said in my initial response was not 100% accurate. Removing the User Exits prevents the agent from collecting data - but - the agent will still be loaded by the Broker and will consume a license.

Here is what we should do

a) I will talk with engineering to address this as an issue in upcoming releases so that we do not actively connect an agent that is excluded

b) You should reach out to your sales rep and see what you can "negotiate" in terms of licensing. I just heard that we had other customers with similar use cases and they found a solution that worked for both sides


Hello Andreas,

We currently need to do the same. Enable selected Execution Groups for Dynatrace, not all of them under the Broker. Is there a way to achieve this? We are currently on version 6.3. Please let me know.




I was wondering if there are any news about MB licensing in new releases?

We are having the same issue with a customer, they do not need to include every single execution group, as Michael says, therefore are consuming unexpected licenses for MB.

Or should we just go for option b) as Andreas recommends?



Hope this will be useful. we managed this by just configure the exact names in the agents one by one (using *regex*) and it work great, we can decided which execution group will be monitored and counted to consume a license and which not, cause if no agents names matches no consumed license will be take it.