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Is it possible to forward dynatrace dashboard data to splunk for analysis



Hello Suraj,

There are a few options for forwarding Dynatrace data to Splunk:

There is a plugin that is designed to send data splunk, you can read up on it here:

There is also the real time business transaction streaming which is basically the same functionality as the plugin:

Finally, you can manipulate the REST interface to export the information that you want:


David Nicholls other than Business Transaction and UEM Data can also be forward to Splunk?

The solution I had was to create a dashboard, usually containing a dynamic measure matrix, with the measures I wanted to import and run a CRON job to query the AppMon rest API on an interval and get the dashboard in CSV MWRT format to import into Splunk 🙂


Hi Wai,

If you want to stream data other than the business transactions and UEM data, you would have to engineer a solution as there are no options provided by Dynatrace. There is a Splunk receivers stream that could be used to send data to Splunk.

For example, You could try scheduling a report from Dynatrace to be saved to a local directory (as a CSV or XML) and then use the receivers stream to load the text up to Splunk.


David Nicholls

has anyone successfully imported a splunk dashboard into multiple events? I can get the xml data into splunk using REST data input but is one event. This is keeping me from extracting or associating metric values with the correct measure..