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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is it possible to identify a user’s exact session (using login id/sessionid) and drill down on the exact transaction?


Let’s say a particular user reports a problem in one transaction, is it possible to identify that user’s exact session (using login id/sessionid) and drill down on the exact transaction? If so, then for how long all requests are keep in Dynatrace?



Yes of course. To do this, set Visit Tag ( for a specific application to identify users.
From the user visit, you can go to the call for a single method, request etc.
The data is stored depending on how much space you have allocated for Session Storage. (Of course, the bigger the traffic, the faster the data is rotated)



Hello Arvind,

Yes you can track particular user traffic flow with userID or sessionID & drill down all transaction for a user. Is UEM enabled?
Do you see userID in your Purepath tree?

1. if YES then create BT measure to capture your userID then create BT with Filter & Split. Here Output will be all unique userID.

2. If NO then check with your app team/ dev to get class & method name to capture user ID details. Once you get it then place custom sensor to capture user ID and follow point 1.

All drill down (PurePath) live data are stored in Session Storage. It depends upon the storage quota & overall traffic, if high traffic then data retention will be low.



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Aravind P.

The easiest way is the UEM with the tagging feature. In case you don't have UEM and going to follow the steps suggested by @Ramesh N., then you will have to be careful about measure explosion, which can cause the Performance Warehouse to fill up, so additional data cannot be written to the Performance Warehouse.

Have a look in the below link for better understanding about measure explosion.



Hello Babar,

Yes you are correct have to be careful with saving userID saving it in PWH it will be huge load. Suggestion is to not to store result in PWH. We did this in our env.