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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is it possible to obtain "Time to Start Render" and "Time to First Byte" metrics in Appmon?



I am thinking DCRUM is the only way to obtain these metrics, but I would love to find out if AppMon has the capabilities to obtain the requested metrics?

Time To Start Render
The time elapsed between a user’s request and the moment when content appears
in their browser is called time to start render. This is also a very important
metric to analyze as the sooner a visitor sees content appear, the more likely
they will be to stay for the rest of the page to load.

Time to First Byte

The time it takes for the very first byte of information to reach a user’s
browser after a connection to the server has been established is called time to
first byte or TTFB. The order in which users receive information is important,
and some slight alterations in your code can boost this website performance

Static content that appears the same to all users should be separated from
dynamic content that is specific to the individual visitor. This way, users
will receive your content right away while waiting for slower personalized
content to load.

Thanks for any help on this question,

Much appreciated,



Hi Tom,

Yes it is possible for to implement in the Dynatrace appmon what you are looking for..

  • For Time to First byte, please find my below answer

  • Time To Start Render, the below document helps you in implementing the same.


Ravi Kumar

Thank you very much Ravi, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Have a good week,


Have a good week to you too Tom...