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Is it possible to see SOAP calls from NodeJS?


Hi I am monitoring a NodeJS application that makes SOAP calls to an internal .Net application. On my PurePaths I can not see any of the SOAP Calls and therefore the PurePaths end on the NodeJS.

Is this somenthing that I have to configure to be monitored? I would expect to see my calls leaving the NodeJS a following their way through the rest of the application environment.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Igor, Assuming the SOAP calls are just WebService calls, I would also expect them to show up. If you drill down from the purepath to WebServices, do you see anything? (The WebServices menu might not be available on the drilldown menu if there are no WebServices.)

Another idea: In the Purepath view, select the Show All Nodes and examine more details of the purepath. I'm curious what you see down in the part of your purepath where your SOAP calls are made.

What is the protocol being used by the SOAP calls. SOAP over ?