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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is it possible to send alerts more than once until the incident is corrected?


The client wants to receive the notification of an incident more than once, that is, to send notification every time until it is resolved.
Is this possible?


Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Yes, but you will need to disable "Smart Alerting" in order to get multiple alerts. Look for "Smart Alerting" under "Actions" in this link.

This is the right answer. Smart Alerting disables sending emails until the incident is confirmed.

The alerting in the dynatrace is based on the concept of Incident. Incident can begin, continue and end.

AFAIK, It is only possible to send email alert on incident start and end.

However you may have a look at the Plugin Development kit to post the incident info to other persistent service such as a server and this server in turn will send the alerts based on the closure of the incident.

Regards, Rajesh


Last year we were looking for a way to continue alerting throughout the duration of an incident (say an incident continues for 2 hours and you would like to alert every 5 minutes to let people know/remind them that it is still going on).

Unfortunately, we did not find one natively within the AppMon tool. Instead, we wrote a script that gets fired via the Generic Execution Plugin that waits a specified amount of time (5 minutes in my example above) and confirms the incident if it is still active. Confirming the incident will then cause a new "Incident Begin" alert to be sent out if the issue is still occurring. This should even work with Smart Alerting turned on, as you are confirming the incident.

All of the incident manipulation is done through the server REST interface.

I hope this helps!

- Kasey C.