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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is it possible to switch multiple Dashlet at the same time?


for monitoring I would like to have a Dashboard that allows to switch between multiple pages

1st page overview, 2nd mem, 3rd db. This would allow to select filter criteria (like Agents and Timeframe) only once.

I would like to have a button (or something similar to the TABs) to switch between the main pages. Currently I have a Dashlet per series and several Dashlets on a page, but I can only switch row-wise. For instance if I use the TAB header in the second row I can switch 2nd row to Series 5 (see below) but the other Dashlets remain unchanged. I depicted below what I would like to achieve.

Initial View (page 1)

Series 1 Agent 1Series 1 Agent 2Series 1 Agent 3
Series 2 Agent 1Series 2 Agent 2Series 2 Agent 3
Series 3 Agent 1Series 3 Agent 2Series 3 Agent 3

Switch to page 2

Series 4 Agent 1Series 4 Agent 2Series 4 Agent 3
Series 5 Agent 1Series 5 Agent 2Series 5 Agent 3
Series 6 Agent 1Series 6 Agent 2Series 6 Agent 3

Is that possible? Is there a manual - I could not find anything, maybe I do not know the correct search terms.

Thank you for your help


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Michael, this is not currently possible, however much of what you are describing could be acomplished by having dashboard 1 linked to dashboard 2. This would let you right click on a dashboard and drill down into a second one. You can find more about linking dashboards here.

Thank you Shane - although it is not the one perfect solution, it works well with respect of sharing the time filter. Seems like agent filter is not propagated

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Michael,

To add to Shane's response above, here is example of how I implemented something very similar to what you are trying to achieve for a client.

If you take a look under 'Usage' for the Weblogic Monitoring Plugin link above, you can see how you can create a hierarchy of drilldowns with the Dashboard Links. Setting the filters on each of the drilldown dashboards in advance would allow you to view the corresponding information.