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Is it wrong to have an agent be the source of more than one profile (if its even possible)?


I have a process that runs on both test and prod and is instrumented in 2 separate profiles. I'd like to be able to compare purepaths from each as well as create some other interesting charts and graphs. One way I thought about doing this was to create a new profile and configure the agents from the other 2 profiles to be the source of this one as well as their own.

This is a temporary thing while I work out some performance issues between them which is why I don't just get rid of the test profile and change its agent to point to the prod one.

Is this possible?

Thank you


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Matt

If you want to compare data between two agents that are mapped to different system profiles you can still do that. You can create dashboards that have both a source and a comparison source configured. both sources can point to different system profiles and also different timeframes. A lot of the dashlets, e.g: Database, Methods, Web Requests, API, ... provide a built-in comparison feature. They wiill automatically switch to a comparison mode if you specify two data sources.

For Charts you would create two charts on a dashboard. each chart can point to a different system profile and you can then visually compare the results. If you want to learn more about dashboarding and the comparision feature i suggest you check out our online documentation or check out the youtube tutorial i recorded on Advanced Dashboarding.

If you still want to map agents into the same System PRofile you can of course do that - but - I dont think it is necessary in your case. If you map them together you must be aware that an agent can only be mapped to ONE System Profile at a time. it cannot deliver data to two profiles. This means that you need to make sure that both agents are correctly configured in your new combined profile (mappings, sensors, ...). You also need to make sure that you do not have duplicated agent mappings across multiple profiles as then it is not guaranteed to which profiles an agent gets mapped to when it starts up

well - i hope this helped


Hi Andi,

We have 3 apps that uses same webserver Nodes to direct traffic. How can we logically splits these webserver node agents to 3 different profiles? Is it even possible to have webserver agent mapped under multiple profiles?



Hello @Thanes B.

The agent mapping is entirely possible with a single system profile.
If the applications are part of the same system profile, then you can define a logical application for three of them with the patterns.