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Is new licence needed for setting up dynatrace server?


Hi Team,

We have agents installed for all applications in two different servers(DC1 and DC2). These agents send data to respective collectors present in both the servers. But, these both collectors send data to only dynatrace server present in (DC1). Now we would like to setup another dynatrace server in DC2 which should consists of data coming from both the collectors. For setting up new dynatrace server do we need to have new licence or existing licence is enough for that?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

For what you are describing, you would indeed need a new license since a license can only be applied to one server.

However, why do you want to set up another server in Swindon? As long as the Collectors are as close to the Agents as they can be (and sounds like they are), it shouldn't matter where the Dynatrace Server is.

Thanks Ari. Incase of failure of DC1 server for high availabilty we need to setup another server.


Hello Praveena,

As @Ari P. already described about new license and for that purpose you will have to request to get the replica of your license with some audit terms and conditions.

We had requested the same to make the High Availability environment.

May we know what is the purpose of another server?



as @Babar Q. mentioned, High Availability is an often requested feature and there are many RFE's for it. You can find and upvote them using the search. I am also curious the purpose of another server?

warm regards,


Thanks Babar. For high availabilty incase of failure of DC1 server we want to setup another server in DC2. As you said we need new licence for setting up new server right?

Hello Preveena,

Exactly. You will have to request for another license which will be the replica of your perpetual license but the limitation is that you can use only one at a time.

I meant the HA solution will be Active/Passive instead of Active/Active.



Thanks Babar. Is HA with Active/Active possible?

Hello Praveena,

HA is not officially supported yet by Dynatrace, therefore, currently only workaround is available in the shape of active/passive because only one server can be connected to the session storage and performance warehouse to avoid the data corruption.



Thankyou Babar.