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Is purepath technologie avalible on AWS platform.



I am familiar with pure path technology. We have agent on machine with IIS servers and monitore web application.

Now we develop application on base .NET and deploy it to AWS Service ECS (FARGATE ).

Can Dyna trace agent provide performance statistic for each request?

Also I need .NET code profiling statistic. Execution time for each method.

Please, give me answer to following question.

Can I get following information. Especially I am interested in .NET profiling.

Can you application collect performance statistic (query execution time) from RDS Post Gre SQL data base?
Which licenses we need ?

Thank you.


If you are able to put agent into container on ECS it should work fine. ECS monitoring is easy to make in Dynatrace, for AppMon I’m not totally sure.



Hello Sergiy,

To follow up on Sebastian's post, I was able to find some documentation on the AppMon coverage of AWS. It looks like AppMon does support being deployed in the cloud. As was mentioned earlier though, Dynatrace simplifies the process of deploying to the cloud much more allowing you to monitor your application in minutes potentially.

Here is the documentation for AppMon:
Here is the documentation for Dynatrace:


David Nicholls