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Is the ADO .Net Sensor maximum capture length 32767?


One of our developers was running up against the maximum SQL Command Capture length so I let them know how to change that value in the sensor options. They were able to set it to a maximum of 32767, and apparently some of their statements are still being cutoff. I've let them know about a potential performance hit, but they want to know, is there a way to increase it beyond this number?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The max string length allowed is 32767. There is no way to set this higher.

While I don't know the details of your use case, it seems concerning that the architecture has SQL statements that are so long and that within the first 32k bytes, uniqueness cannot be found to uniquely identify the string.

As an alternative idea, consider the following:

- When constructing SQL strings, embed a unique index number in a comment. Then write this string out to a log so you capture the complete string contents. Then you can take the index number from the AppMon GUI and look up the full text of the SQL statement.

Your sql statement would then look like the following:

select /*this is a comment*/ from table where ...;

This approach is not efficient from a performance perspective, but let me assure you, capturing 32k strings in the AppMon .NET agent also has it's overhead, which you're already aware.

Good luck


joe hoffman