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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is there a way in Dynatrace to restrict the occurrence of threshold violation for a particular measure?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. I have a youtube tutorial that talks about SLA Management and how Incidents work:

Another good resource is our documentation:

There are two types of Incidents. Some or out-of-the-box and rely on dynamic baselines and dynamic thresholds, e.g: detecting slow or very slow response times. For these you can modify the baseline settings which impact how thresholds are calculated

Any regular Incident is based on Measures where dynatrace looks at the static thresholds defined on the measures itself. Here you can modify the thresholds. You can also change the evaluation timeframe of Incidents which which you can control how these measures are evaluated against the thresholds.

Hope this helps as a start.

I need to create an incident for a particular measure only if the measure threshold is violating more than 5 times in an hour.Is there a way to count the occurrence and restrict it in while creating the incidents?

In this case you would probably need a Business Transaction that filters on those PurePaths that violate your threshold, e.G: PurePaths slower than 2s. This BT will return the Count of PurePaths that violate the 2s rule. Now you can use that Count Measure in your Incident Condition.

This obviously only works for PurePath, User Action or Visit based MEasures - not with regular system measures.

Would this help?

That is fine. But I need to get the incident created only if that particular BT which u mentioned above, it should violate the threshold more than x no of times. That means u told that in the BT we will be getting the count of the Purepaths that violates 2s rule but the entire rule should violate more that x no of times then only it need to create an incident.

Yes - that is possible. You can create your Incident and uses the BTs Count Result measure as your condition. Your incident will then trigger if you have e.g: 5 PurePAths that take longer than 2s.

but where can I give the limit 5 in that BT or in the incident?

You add the Result Measure in your Incident Definition. From that same dialog you can select "Edit Measure" which allows you to specify the thresholds.

ya that is true .....but if we try to edit the threshold for the measure purepath it will be showing the threshold value as 2 s. So my question is how can we count the occurrence of that particular measure for more than x no of times.

the threshold inthe measure definition always shows the Unit of the measure. in that case it is seconds. But - if you use the "Count" aggregate it just uses the plain value

ok thank u..