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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is there a way to Alert on when there has been no activity on a MQ Queue for 15 min?


Hello, I am using the MQ Queue Channel Monitor Plugin and I am being asked if there is a way to alert on when there has been no activity on an MQ Queue for 15 min. I can't seem to find a good method of doing this.

Thank you for your help,




Hey Tom,

I don't know that you'll be able to tell that from using a monitor. This being because the monitor runs at set times and only knows what's happening on the queue at those points in time.

I don't use the MQ Plugin at my account, but I believe you should be able to measure CURRENT_Q_DEPTH, MAX_Q_DEPTH, or something like PERCENTAGE_Q_DEPTH. If you make an incident based off one of those measures, then set the Lower Severe to 0, you can track whether there was anything on the queue at those monitored times and alert on it.

  • Lower Severe 1 means it's been below 1
  • Eval timeframe should be loosely correlated to monitor time (if your monitor runs every 30 minutes, don't trigger your incident off 15 minutes). In this case, it may make sense to run the plugin every 1 minute and incident every 5 minutes or plugin every 5 minutes and incident every 15 minutes.
  • Aggregation max is so that we'll look at the highest value of the CURRENT_Q_DEPTH, because we only want to know when it's been 0 at all monitoring times.

I hope this helps!

Curious to see if this will work too. Keep us posted 🙂


Thank you for all the details and screenshots. Very much appreciated. I have performed the config and am just waiting to verify if it works.

Also, I'll keep you posted Anthony.

Thanks again,