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Is there a way to differentiate activity of multiple apps running in 1 instance of Tomcat? Can we instrument each App?


I got the dt trial up and running inside the virtual that runs our tomcat/apache, is there some way to have the Tomcat agent differentiate between the apps that are running under tomcat, we have 3 apps in the same instance there but not sure if there is a way to do that?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Dennis

The concept we have for this is called "Applications". Dynatrace by default tries to identify a logical application by looking at the URL of each PurePath. Based on that URL we assign that PurePath to an application.

You can configure your Applications in the System Profile -> simply open the System Profile and click on Applications. The default detection looks at the host name of your URL and automatically creates an app, e.g: becomes an application called "". In your case this might not work as you probably identify an app based on a URL Pattern e,g: and should become myapp1 and myapp2.

You can exactly to this by configuring your own logical applications in the system profile by specifying URL patterns.

Please have a look at the System Profile Settings under the tab Applications -> also - here is a bit more info in our online doc:


Thanks, I added some "Apps" by using the URL to distinguish, but that appears to be talking about UI. What we have is serveral web services, each running in tomcat, called from within the app. Wanted to see if it was possible to track performance of what is going on inside Tomcat on a per app basis, for example, if service 1 is going slow, but service 2 is not, and service 3 is throwing database exceptions. Is it possible to see that using the concept of "Applications" as you defined it?

Applications are defined on URLs - this should also work for Web Service Calls if they are captured by our Servlet or ASP.NET Sensor. If you get the chance - can you export a couple of these PurePaths and send them over? Either attach them here - or - if you dont want to share this publicly send it to me as I explain on my Share Your PurePath page: