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Is there a way to display all HTTP errors from the Errors dashboard


The report which is scheduled to deliver to email doesn't contain the list of the URI having errors like 4xx, 5xx or other. Is there a way in client to enable this option so that, the report on which we received the report has all these details.


Ravi Kumar


Hi Ravi ,

In the Error details dashlet , if you right click on the "Error Rule" it will list you the details you need to add like URI , Referrer etc , hope this will get it to the report .

Regards ,


Hi Suganya,

Thanks for your comment, The Error details dashlet already displaying the values which i'm looking for when clicking on the specific section like HTTP response codes like below, but when report is triggering to the emails through the scheduler it has only the Error and warning details overview without the below details as like in my initial snapshot.


Ravi Kumar

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

See if my comment on this post helps:

Thanks James for the workaround, let me try this on my QA.

Hi James,

Yes it is working fine, report has been generated with the Error details. I have a question, hope debug mode will not create additional logging unless if we passing some key values



It's just a flag to tell AppMon to behave in some way - the server isn't in any debug mode or anything. Turning on debug logging is completely separate so you should be set.