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Is there a way to dynamically map a java agent to a new group without JVM restart?

One of our application is architected to have n-1,n and n+1 environments of applications.

Today environment n is live but in future n+1 become live , the Load Balancer will be adjusted to send traffic to n+1 and there is no JVM restart while we switch .

We have agents mapped to system profile like:

  • 'Old Live' for environment 'n-1'
  • 'Live' for environment 'n'
  • 'New Live' for environment 'n+1'

After traffic switch we need the agent mapped like:

  • 'Old Live' for environment 'n'
  • 'Live' for environment 'n+1'
  • 'New Live' for environment 'n+2'

We could get this with JVM restart but that will delay a traffic switch. Any option to remap agents to another system profile without JVM restart?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

It's sufficient to change the mapping rules in the agent groups and then restart the collectors to remap agents. However, note that existing instrumentation in the agents won't change when remapping like this, so if you have differing sensor rules in these profiles, they won't be effective till the next jvm restart (or potentially an HSP).

Measures etc. should update fine, though.

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