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Is there a way to export Business Transactions from a DynaTrace server to a different DynaTrace server?


As we can copy paste business transactions between system profiles, similarly is there a way to promote business transactions to another DynaTrace server? We have custom created Business Transactions in our test server and were looking at promoting them to production server.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sulav,

You should be able to copy paste BTs between system profiles on different servers as well.

I just tested it out on our environment and it works. Just make sure you open the System Profile settings, go to Business Transactions and then paste it there. You won't be able to paste on the cockpit.



Also I'm pretty sure it will create any measures used in that BT automatically when you do this so make sure to check if this is the behavior you want. It will not automatically try to create any sensors that those measures may be based off of though.