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Is there a way to export all user actions with their request header values ?


Hi all,

I want to export all user actions to external tool such as Elasticsearch with request header values which is in their PurePath detail. I examined AppMon documents, there is a PureLytics technology to export data but it doesn't include request header values.

So how can i export all user actions with request header values ?

Best Regards.


I've answered you in previous question

I can understand but it does not working. I want to export all user actions with the request header that include in their purepath detail.

It's not possible as I've said there. User action export will not contains Headers and Purepaths. All you can try is creating business transaction that may add header information to JSON Payload but as I said I'm not sure if this will work that way.


Thank you for your response, but it is not working..


There is a one thing called Business Transaction Feed but appmon documents don't say anything about exporting header values so i don't know if i export user actions with request header value contained in their purepath detail or not ? Any experience/help ? İt is so important topic for our client.