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Is there a way to get URI value in the alert body for HTTP Response Status Code/errors


HTTP 5xx and 4xx error incident is configured, but receiving only count for evaluated time frame. looking for the details of the URI/purepath facing the 5xx error. Tried Extended email plugin parameter VIOLATED_MEASURE_SPLITTINGS, no luck.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In order to have that context, you'd need to have a measure for each URL of interest - the one there is just one measure over time for all relevant PurePaths so the individual URLs are not calculated individually hence the data wouldn't be there for what you want. The measures are just records in a database.

Technically you could create a business transaction split by complete URL and have a calculated measure for the response code, then if you defined an incident off of that the context would be in the splitting and so you could use the variable in the extended email plugin you mentioned. The reason this won't work is because for something like that there could be a ton of splittings so you would quickly overload the PW or meet the splitting restriction (each URL pattern would be getting it's own entry in the PW). For a business transaction like that you'd need to turn off storage in the PW but the result of this is that you can no longer create incidents based off of the business transaction.

So in short, there's not a good way to do that.


Thanks James....


Members any other ideas.. ?