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Is there any way, i can customise the duration that if the application is opened in offline mode and the usage data is sent to Dynatrace server if its got connected after one hour.?


Hello Dynatrace Community, I'm Currently making a IOS MOBILE application which is integrated with dynatrace Server. When the application is open in offline mode(no internet connection), the usage data is send to dynatrace server if its got in online mode (internet connection is on) within 9 minutes. but i have problem that if appliaction used in offline mode and kept application in offline mode for 1 hour then the usage data is lost and it wont able to send dynatrace server.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Abhishek,

you may try increasing the "Action Reporting Interval in seconds" at the Mobile application settings in User Experience.

Not sure if that will totally solve your problem, but it may help.

Please let me know how that works!