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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Is there any way that we can monitor persistant storage of openshift docker containers, other then with an agent? Our environment is to bug to license more than 250+ agents



Hi Avin, I've seen you've cross-posted your request here: Are you using AppMon or Dynatrace? Can you please provide more detail on the issue?

Hi Martin,

We are using Appmon.

On average there is about 200+ containers that are running. Not all of these have a java agent running on them. Due to this there is no visibility of the disk usage of these containers.


If you want to have usage data in Dynatrace, you'll to have these collected by an agent. Not necessarily a Java agent, -- a host agent may solve this problem for you. @Patrick T.? If the data does not have to be analyzed in AppMon, and if you're only interested in disk usage, the following thread may help: I also suggest you look at Heapster. According to this overview, Heapster supports gathering disk metrics at the Pod level (not quite at the container level, but pretty close): This makes sense, as a Pod acts as a "virtual host" in Kubernetes-based platforms and this is where a container gets its storage from.