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Is there any way to export the purepath dashlet (AppMon inbuilt dashlet) to 3rd party tool.


Hello All,

I have gone through the below documentation.
PureLytics Stream: and Real time Business Transactions feed. Also Realtime Streaming configuration

I have understood that the 'PureLytics Stream' can export the UEM (visits, Actions, client errors) data to Kibana through the JSON protocol . And 'Real time Business Transactions feed' export the configured BT's data (like PurePath reference and/or Performance data ) to Log-stash, ElasticSearch and Splunk etc through 'Protobuf' meassage. Please correct, if I understood anything incorrectly.

In my case, my organization wants to exports the whole 'PurePath Dashlet' to 3rd party tool for further analysis.

Is there any way to export it ?



Hi,If you move the data to another tool, you can build the same "view" on grafana/kibana querying that tool. I don't see a way to take an appmon dashlet and "export" it to another tool.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

One option is to export a given dashlet as a report. Format options include XML, CSV, PDF, etc.

To perform this step, view the purepath of choice in the purepath dashlet, then in the upper right corner context menu, select "Report...". Some components of the dashlet may not be included depending on which format you choose. Check out the .xls as an example of an inclusive format for most content.