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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Issues after the upgrade from 6.2 to 6.5



After the upgrade

1- I tried creating a new monitor to check if it works fine. But, monitors are running fine only
when they are manually started and not when scheduled.

2- Also, we could see that the Web client URL is not working post version
upgrade. Looks like some service needs to be started.

Please advise!

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

1. In what way aren't the monitors working when scheduled? Will they not save or do they just not run when you apply the change?

2. What URL (minus your actual server name) are you using to access the web dashboards? I would play around with the http/https setting and look at the server settings for the web interface, I believe there were some changes in this area around security for the web dashboards.


for #1, I found a missing plugin

for #2, I don't know what's missing really.

Can you provide the url you are using to hit the page, as well as a screenshot of Server Settings -> Services -> Dynatrace Web?


The URL is just http://webxxxx

Try accessing it with https://<servername>:9911/index.jsp or http://<servername>:9910/index.jsp

I don't think it would work without port and path.

EDIT: Or are you referring to the webstart client? In which case check that is enabled in the section next to the one you screen captured above.


Hello Hany,

In the migration document is written that "if plugins installed by the user were not migrated, re-install them."

To access the webstart client the default HTTP settings are athttps://<servername>:8021 or 8020 (non-SSL). The link Launch the Dynatrace ClientWebstart Client references a JNLP file that you open with a Java Web Start Launcher. OR

You can direct access from the browser with the following strings:




The default installation is pre-configured so the Dynatrace Webstart Client is immediately available.

Configure Webstart related settings in the Server Settings dialog box. From the Client menu, choose Settings > dynaTrace Server, and then Services > Webstart tab.

  • Enable Webstart: Enables or disables the Dynatrace Webstart Client.
  • VM Arguments: This option is disabled due to security restrictions in the Oracle Java Runtime environment.
  • Default Connection Settings: Specifies the default Connectivity settings of Dynatrace Webstart Clients.

The screenshot referred by you is about web dashboard not the webstart client, so in three different ways you can access the web dashboards.

https://<servername>:8021 or 8020 (non-SSL).
https://<servername>:9911 or 9910 (non-SSL).
Third you can open a new dashboard from the dynatrace client and from there you can choose the Dynatrace Web.