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JDBC Connection Pool Usage more than 100%. How is this possible?


Hello All,

We have a measure for JDBC Connection Pool Percent used. We have an alert trigger at anything over 90% usage. Strangely enough, some of those alerts have been triggered with a usage of 104%.

How is it possible to have usage greater than 100% for that metric?

Also, when it measures the percentage, is that for the JVM connections, or is it for the entire database?

Thanks in advance.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Is it possible that someone changed the size of the pool during this timeframe?

The pool size is for the JDBC connection pool (generally) inside the JVM where the agent resides. This is not the pool size within the database itself.


Thanks for the response. The second portion clears up that aspect.

Now, I was told that the pool size did not change during that or any time period close to it. This is our Production environment, so I wouldn't have assumed it changed, but I checked to make sure.

Any other thoughts on possibilities?

Could be an issue from the JVM you use that is delivering a wrong value. Or it could be a hickup in the way we collect JMX Metrics. What JMX Metric is this exactly? which AppSErver?

Hello Andi,

This is the configuration for the measure. This is for WebSphere.

Thanks. Well - In this case I almost think that the JMX measure provided by WebSphere is probably wrong. we capture this data every 10 seconds and provide the data point "as-is" to the dynatrace time-series center. have you tried asking questions in a websphere forum to see whether anybody else has seen values > 100%

I thought it may be an error from the WebSphere metrics as well. I have not brought this up to a WebSphere forum. I'll try that.



Both Joseph and Andi helped my solve this, but since I can't mark a comment as an answer, I'll repeat what Andi said in that it looks like this probably an error in the metrics reporting from WebSphere.

Thanks guys.

Cheers - keep us posted if you find any fixes in websphere for that


hi all,

i have same problem about JDBC Connection pool more than 100%.

anybody can help us?


Shandi aji P

Shandi, As suggested earlier in this thread, this is likely due to these values coming directly out of Websphere. Perhaps you can use the WebSphere console and observe this value over the same time period and see if you get similar illogical values. As stated, AppMon does not manipulate these values, but simply store them as we receive them from WebSphere.

hi joseph,

thanks for your information. its helpful for me.


shandi aji