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JMS tagging via an oracle database


I'm trying to solve an issue for a customer. Basically, it is an order processing systems which relies heavily on JMS queues (via weblogic).

I have attached a picture which will hopefully make sense.

Agent A, writes a message to a queue which is picked up and processed by an oracle database (so no DT agent).

The database then writes back another message to the queue (or another queue) and it is picked up by agent B.

They would like a see a single purepath showing agents A & B but because the database runs in PLSQL, the original tag is lost.

Is there a way to emulate the dtdTraceTagInfo tag in PLSQL? I guess for this to work, the DB would have to extract our tag from the message (in red) and put it in the second message (in purple)? Would it work even if the sender and the receiver are technically interacting via a different message?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Flo,

if you manage to get the tag from the original to the new message via PLSQL or however, then you should be good.

we also had such scenarios previously, I think mostly with HTTP, but if I remember correctly also with JMS.

HTH, Christian