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Java agent for WebSphere Liberty failed to connect the Dynatrace Server7.2


I am trying to monitor a WebSphere Liberty server with Dynatrace java agent. Below JVM parameter has been configured:


After restart the application server, I failed to find out the agent at Dynatrace client. Then, I checked the Dynatrace log under: /opt/dynatrace-7.2/log/, please refer to below:

2019-05-07 09:29:41 UTC [eb54f843] info [native] Trying to connect to Collector for up to 19 seconds

2019-05-07 09:29:41 UTC [eb54f843] info [native] Connected to Collector xxxxxxdtc020:9998

2019-05-07 09:29:41 UTC [eb54f843] info [native] Handshake with Collector ( successful

2019-05-07 09:31:08 UTC [eb54f843] severe [native] Connection error: receiveExact() ... error reading, 70014, End of file found

2019-05-07 09:31:08 UTC [eb54f843] info [native] Checking availability of binary of last used version of agent U_General_XXX (linux-x86-64)

2019-05-07 09:31:08 UTC [eb54f843] info [native] Start loading local agent binary

2019-05-07 09:31:08 UTC [eb54f843] info [native] Successfully loaded agent binary /opt/dynatrace-7.2/agent/downloads/appmon/native/

It looks quiet strange because I tried on another server and it always works. The only difference between 2 servers is this one is behind a firewall. So, I tried to telnet the dynatrace server at port 9998 with below command:

telnet xxxxxxdtc020 9998

The connection looks correct. Can anybody tell me what "Connection error: receiveExact() ... error reading, 70014, End of file found" meaning?



Hello Michael,

Have a look on the below link for the same issue and solution.




Thanks Babar!

According to , I realized a problem: only setting the firewall to open the 9998 port is not enough. Another port: 8043 should also be opened.

Will try this solution.

Hello Michael Y.

The referenced link is for Dynatrcce but not for the AppMon.

8043 is the default port for 7.2 release and 9998 for the old releases from Agent-Collector connection.

Have a look on the below link.

Also, look on the below link for the setup communication connection.