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Java agents in the easyTravel are not working properly


Hi. I have a problem using easyTravel application.

The Java agent is found to be operating normally in easyTravel Configuration UI, but it is not visible when checked by the rich client in Agent Overview dashboard. Of course, in the client monitoring screen, only transactions related to other agents(web server, native..) are checked. I tried reinstalling easyTravel (erasing all the related resists) but it was not resolved. I attached the log file and would like some advice on how to fix it.




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


Can you tell us which easyTravel Configuration UI you started? There is one just called "easyTravel Configuration UI" and another one called "easyTravel Configuration UI - Training". The "training" link will not actively inject the Agents but just launch the easyTravel components. That could explain your situation as I couldnt see any agents being loaded in the log files you attached



I started easyTravel Configuration UI not Training. And than I launched the application and started it in Standard mode of UEM menu. If you need other information to solve the problem, please post a comment.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Did you install Dynatrace in the default location? If you install Dynatrace in a non default location I have seen cases where the easyTravel Configuration UI was not able to detect where the Dynatrace Agents were installed. Also - just to clarify. You have either installed the Full Dynatrace Installer on that windows machine or at least all Dynatrace Agents?

In case you have not installed Dynatrace in its default location you can configure the installation directory of the Dynatrace agents via the file which you find the resources subfolder of your easyTravel installation.

Open the file and search for config.agent. It should be on "auto" which means easyTravel tries to find the agent installation folder. Give it a try and specify the installation path on where your dtagent.dll is installed.

If this doesnt solve the problem then I am out of ideas right now. You might want to reach out to the local dynatrace team or the support team to help you via a WebEx


First, thanks for the quick support. I think AppMon was installed in default location. When I installed the AppMon server and easyTravel, I did not modify any of the options. I attached the location where the application is installed and the configuration file of easyTravel (ex> C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 6.3\agent\lib64\dtagent.dll).




Thanks. Any chance you can try to install a newer Dynatrace AppMon version? AppMon 7 is the most current one which you can download and use through our Free Trial Program -

I assume it shouldnt be a problem - but - because you are on a foreign Windows OS with special characters in the Path I cant rule out that that might be a problem.

As I assume you are a customer I wonder if the best next step might be to reach out to your local Dynatrace team so that they can help you


Dear All,

Who reached here to find the solution to the problem is that you must install the the AppMon and easyTravel on the default locations.