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Javascript dtagent location


Hi all,

how can I specify the location for the Javascript agent to add some additional content between the server name and the application context?

My application serves content in http://xxx.yyy.zzz/uat/app_name

with the default setting the JS in injected in:


but for this application is mandatory to put the content in:

http://xxx.yyy.zzz/uat/app_name/dtagent_bdpx_6000500001289.js (with /uat/ between the server name and the application context)

How can I do that?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Edit your profile -> User Experience

Select your Application tab (if you've not defined application environments you will only have the 'Default' tab.

Scroll down to the Advanced Configuration section and observe the Agent Location text field.

Modifying this field will allow you to specify the /uat/ path characteristics.

Hi Joseph,

I have done that but, as I have explained in my question, adding /uat in the the Agent Location text field this puts the agent in:

  • http://xxx.yyy.zzz/app_name/uat/dtagent.js (with /uat/ after the server name and the application context)

and for my application is mandatory to put the /uat/ between the server name and the application context:

  • http://xxx.yyy.zzz/uat/app_name/dtagent

Regards! Josep Maria

Hello @Josep Maria C.

I am assuming about the Manual + Automatic injection which usually we use for the Mobile Application instrumentation.

e.g. If we retrieve the snippet using the REST API only for the /uat/ and then inject it as the first script into the application page. The API is designed to be used during the build process of a web application and provides vital functionality the agent needs to instrument a website.

Later on we can use the agent path http://xxx.yyy.zzz/uat/app_name/dtagent for the automatic instrumentation.

If the above idea is funny enough then you can forgive me 🙂



Hi Babar,

my customer want to do that without modify the application source code if it's possible (with automatic injection).


Hello @Josep Maria C.

Oops !!! This can be a big hindrance in case Dynatrace Support or some other SME comes across with the similar solution.



Hi Babar,

you're rigth, the response from support:

it is not possible to configure it to have /uem/ between server and
application automatically. In this situation it would be best to use an
explicit path so that the JS is always served from the same location.
https://xxx.yyy.zzz/uat/appA/ "

Regards, Josep Maria